About Us

Desert Fox Safari is a 100% Bedouin-owned trekking, safari and adventure company. We were founded by Faraj Mahmoud, from the Jebeleya tribe: The Mountain People.

Faraj, Frankincense Trail, BBC

For over 15 years we have operated classic treks and safaris all over South Sinai.

We also tailor special expeditions for organisations visiting the region. We helped the BBC film the Sinai for their series The Frankincense Trail. We also outfitted the expeditions for the book Sinai: The Trekking Guide and work with universities and NGOs from Europe.

We grew up exploring the Sinai and know it better than anybody. As well as treks, safaris and expeditions we run other activities to help preserve traditional Bedouin knowledge and our ancient way of life. Choose the Sinai; Choose the Bedouin; Choose Desert Fox Safari. 

Fox Camp, Wadi Shrej