Ras Shaitan to Ein Khudra

Coloured Canyon, SinaiWalk to Ein Khudra oasis, the most beautiful oasis in the Sinai. We’ll start from the little beach of Ras Shaitan – The Devil’s Head –  then walk to the Wishwashi Canyon and the oasis of Moiyet Melha. From here we’ll go to the Sinai’s most famous canyon: the Coloured Canyon.

From the Coloured Canyon there are two options:

1. Continue to the Rainbow Canyon, Wadi Agula and the oasis of Ein Umm Ahmed. From here we can climb Jebel Berqa, then take Naqb Moehis to Ein Khudra. This route isn’t always open and it is a longer trek that will take a minimum of 6-7 days.

2. Go direct to Ein Khudra. We follow Wadi el Abraq to the Ein Furtaga oasis. Next we follow Wadi Ghazala to Wadi Khudra. After this, we will walk to Ein Khudra. From here we can follow the White Canyon, and meet our jeep to finish the trek at the top.