Classic Desert Combo

Haduda Dune, SinaiThis is a safari and trek combo. We’ll drive deep into the desert and stop at Bir Safra: The Yellow Well. Next comes Jebel Mahrum – the Mountain with the Hole – and the Haduda Dune, the highest dune in South Sinai. From here we’ll visit the Nawamis tombs, dating from about 6000 years ago. To finish the day we drive top of the White Canyon, which leads to the oasis of Ein Hudra. Next stop is the oasis of Ein Furtaga and the Rainbow Canyon. From here, it’s on to the Coloured Canyon. From here you trek to the the Gulf of Aqaba, crossing a steep pass to the oasis of Moiyet Melha. Next is the Wishwashi Canyon. From here, the route leads through a narrow pass to the sea.