Serabit el Khadem Combo

Serabit, Pharaonic tabletThis can be either 100% a jeep safari or a jeep-trek combo. This trip shows the best of ancient Egyptian history. We start in Wadi Mukattab, where there are hundreds of ancient Nabataean inscriptions. Next comes Wadi Maghara, where you can explore the old turqouise mines of the Pharaohs and see a carved tablet of King Sekhemkhet.

From here, there are two options:

1. Trek from Wadi Maghara to Sheikh Saadan: this involves a day’s walking through a remote mountain range. From Sheikh Saadan we can take the jeep or continue on foot.

2. Continue in the jeep from Wadi Maghara to Serabit el Khadem. No trekking.

Serabit el Khadem is home to an ancient Egyptian temple. After this we’ll camp in the desert. From here it’s on to Jebel Himaiyer, a mountain in the plain of Ramlet Himaiyer. On the final day comes Sheikh Awad, near St Katherine. We can either walk over the pass of Naqb el Hawa or drive back in the jeep.