Medicinal Plants

Many plants in the Sinai have a medicinal value. For centuries, Bedouin tribes have used these to relieve colds, rashes and other ailments. Today, Desert Fox Camp has a UN-funded medicinal herb allotment in its garden. With an expert Bedouin herbalist you’ll explore the mountains, learning about plants: their names, how to identify them and how each is used. We work with Dr Ahmed, one of the Sinai’s best-known herbalists, who you can see in this BBC video: The Frankincense Trail. Ahmed Salah, a relative of Dr Ahmed, is another highly accomplished herbalist and guide who works with Desert Fox Safari.

Baytheran, Sinai

Baytheran: infused in tea for stomach upsets.

Mirr, Sinai Desert

Mirr: infused in water to treat skin rashes.

Rabil, Sinai, Spring

Rabil: used to make fragrant, refreshing tea.