The Way of Moses

Monastery of St KatherineWalk the route of The Exodus, where legend has it Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. We start at Ayoun Musa, by the Gulf of Suez, walking down the coast to the hot springs of Hammam Faraun:The Baths of the Pharoah. Next we’ll go to Serabit el Khadem, with its ancient Egyptian temple and from here down to Wadi Mukattab, with ancient inscriptions. We will go to Wadi Feiran here, where we can climb Jebel Serbal and other mountains. Next we’ll walk up Wadi Solaf to Sheikh Auwad, a small Bedouin settlement where we can sleep in an ecolodge. Finally, we’ll take Naqb el Hawa – Pass of the Wind – to the Monastery of St Katherine.